About Us

Ripe Robotics is developing fruit picking robots that directly compete with human labour. Right now we're working on automating apple picking. How does it work?

Meet Buzz

Buzz is our prototype robot. Thrown together with off-the-shelf parts, it’s a proof of concept we’re using to test the design, prove the software, and rapidly iterate improvements.

Buzz is completed now! We’re taking what we’ve learnt and putting it into a similar, commercial model, which is much sturdier, faster, and designed to work outside.

Contact Us


We are currently taking Expressions of Interest for our field trials in 2020. We have been in discussions with a number of farmers who are intereted in trialing the technology in order to see the benefits of robotic harvesting on their farms.

If you are interested in learning more please fill out the form below and enter your details or contact Hunter or Leo at contact@riperobotics.com


We’re currently raising a pre-seed round to complete the commercial model, and cover the costs of trials next year. We expect some of the trials to lead to paid preorders in 2020, and are hoping to build around 30 machines for the 2021 harvest using funding from the pre-orders and from a potential seed round next year. Contact Hunter Jay or Leopold Lucas at contact@riperobotics.com