Meet Eve

Eve is our commercial pathfinder. After a series of trials with our earlier robot, we're now getting Eve ready for commercial scale picking of apples, oranges, and stonefruit.

Eve analyses every piece of fruit for quality and ripeness, then automatically picks it at the optimal time. The soft suction tube and bin-filler allow gentle distribution of the fruit all the way from the tree to the bin.

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About Us

Ripe Robotics builds and manages fruit picking robots. Growers can contract us to pick some of their fruit at a better price and higher quality than a human picker.

After successful early field trials, we are now working towards commercialisation, and are accepting reservations from orange, apple, and stonefruit growers for our picking services in 2022 and 2023. How does it work?


We are currently accepting reservations for our picking services for 2022 and later years, with only a small deposit up front to secure your place. Adoption of fully automated picking on an orchard is generally gradual - we start by picking only a small number of bins in the first season, and work up to full automation over a number of years.

Please contact us at for more information, or to arrange a demonstration of our technology.

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If you are interested in learning more please fill out the form below and enter your details or contact us at Or you can phone Hunter on +61 422 420 037 or Leo on +61 435 881 856.


To continue our R&D and build more commercial machines for the 2021 harvest and beyond, we are currently raising a seed round. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us at